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How do I cancel my subscription and delete my account?

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Wow, they make this hard.  😡 I cannot find a straight forward accurate answer on the forum threads and  the topics related to account management were grayed out (because I'm on the "Plus" plan?)  There is no option to downgrade to free on my account management page.  

Please, Evernote, (or anyone with this info) tell me how I can leave.

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Hi.  Do you want to downgrade your account,  or delete it?  The processes are different,  and (in one case) irreversible.  I don't know why you're seeing greyed out detail,  but if you go to your account management page you should be able to change and delete your payment method.  If Evernote don't receive the next subscription due,  they'll deal with a downgrade for you automatically...

Meantime - 

Manage your Evernote subscription

Deactivate your Evernote account

Permanently close your Evernote account

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