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Update text styles to match applied globally.

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I find the default 16pt font size Evernote uses to be a little on the small side to be comfortable, both on the web and on mobile. I usually bump it to 18pt (which now feels a little large, but 17pt isn't an option) and then update the normal text style to match. Unlike Google Docs where you can set the new styles as default across all new documents, Evernote insists on making me do this update style dance on EVERY document.

Any chance we might see an option to save our updated text styles to be the default on every document? It's a small thing, but as I have to do this with every document it gets old really fast.

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Little chance of this in the short term. You should report your needs to Evernote via ticket and explain the reasons it would be a benefit.

Meanwhile the workaround is to create a template note. Adjust the settings you require in that note. From then on start a new note from that by copying.

Not a perfect solution but it does the trick.

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Welcome to the forums, @Bryan Rieger. We are mostly other users here, and can't manage app features. (But, oh if we could....) If you search a bit, you'll find that this request has been made more than once in the Feedback/Feature request forums, and you can go to one or more of those threads and click the arrow at the top to vote them up. It would definitely be an improvement, but now way for mere mortals to know when it's likely to appear, if it does. You can also open the Evernote Web client (https://www.evernote.com/client/web), click on your account name at top left, and click "Share feedback."

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