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(Archived) Tip for voice to text capture (android 2.2 and higher)


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While this doesn't strictly have to do with the android client, it is an android tip that I hope others will benefit from.

Warning: this tip requires Android 2.2 (Froyo) and uses the new "Voice Actions" feature included with the updated search application. Find out more: http://www.google.com/mobile/voice-actions/

Warning 2: This tip only works when you have an internet connection. This is a limitation of the Android text to speech function.

I have started using the Voice Actions feature to capture notes into evernote. This requires some setup but works great once you have configured everything.


Create a Contacts entry named "Evernote" and fill in it's email address field with your Evernote incoming email address. According to this article: "The address is located under Account Info in the desktop versions of Evernote, under Settings in Evernote Web, and in the Sync tab of Evernote for iPhone."


Now you can activate the Voice Search by clicking the Voice Search application icon, or by long pressing the search button.

Then you can say Email to Evernote This is a test note.

The Voice Search should interpret this as a Voice Action and create an Email, addressed to your Evernote email, with the body of "This is a test note".

You can then hit send and it will email that to your evernote account. It should be in your default notebook with a title of "Mailed in note".

I have found this amazingly useful to quickly capture something without taking the time to type it out. I have even used it from the Car Home application while driving.

I hope everyone finds this as useful as I have.

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Voice Text can now be used from any Android app. (You can probably figure most of this out by clicking around, but be sure to read this first section.)

How to allow Voice Text as an input method (like the soft keyboard):

1. Make sure you have at least version 2.0. Go to Voice Text -> Settings -> About

2. Go to your phone settings. Hit Home -> Menu -> Settings

3. Touch "Locale & text" ("Language and Keyboard" on the Droid) in the main phone settings

4. Check "Voice Text." A warning will come up about possibly enabling a key logger this way (Voice Text is not a key logger). You won't need to uncheck this every time you want to switch input methods. See the next section.

How to change the current input method:

1. Go into any Android app that has text input (Browser, Gmail, Messaging, ChompSMS, Astrid, Ak Notepad etc).

2. Long press (that is, touch and hold) on a text box. A popup should come up that says, "Input Method." Click on it.

3. Choose Voice Text from the menu. Set it back to "Android Keyboard" anytime to use the soft keyboard again.

Taking a dictation from another app (These steps have changed in the newest version. If you do not have version 2.2 or greater, please go to the market and upgrade.):

1. Go into the app where you want the text to appear (Gmail, Messaging, etc.)

2. Touch any text box.

3. Push "Start" in the menu that pops up at the bottom (if it doesn't, check that you've followed the instructions above correctly).

4. Speak when the prompt says, "Speak now."

5. Push the text box again. The Start button will now have your dictation on it. Push the dictation if it's correct, or the revert button to the left to clear it.

6. That's it! You can continue to use the other app as you normally would, stopping to dictate as you like.

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Have a look at FlexT9 (market). Much better, IMHO.

FlexT9 is an alternative keyboard that can take different ways of input, tapping, handwriting, AND Swype, AND it lets you dictate, using the full power of Nuance/Dragon Naturally Speaking!

Amazing recognition rate, very easy handling. Can switch languages very easily (important for me because I use English and German).

Now I can dictate into my Android device, including Evernote, almost like with Dragon at home. And compared to the desktop version, it is more accessible for short texts - no start up time - just dictate. Worth every cent.

(No affiliation with Nuance - just a long-time Dragon user)

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