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Add More News Sources to Integrations



I just discovered you have an integration for the Wall Street Journal. Please add more news sources. The New York Times would be a particular priority for me. 

I use Evernote primarily for clipping news articles and reference materials. I find it particularly annoying that if I'm on my iPhone and want to clip an article, I have to remember to move the page to my desktop machine before I clip it or it loses my subscriber context. I find that I have a lot of clips of the NYT Paywall page. I then have to try to figure out what I was trying to clip and go back to get it. 

I would love to be able to reliably clip directly from my iPhone. I would also love to be able to have articles I favorite be automatically clipped. This applies to NYT especially, but also to other sources such as Apple News. 

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You are aware that you post a pretty US-centric view ? You read the NYT - fine. Then I suppose you hold a subscription.

The clipping problem with the paywall of the NYT has been posted here several times. It seems to be the specific way the NYT has set up its paywall - clipping from other sources that have a paywall as well works for me.

You can contact support about it, to get a better clipping experience.

The 2 integrations listed (WSJ, Nikkei) are a remainder of what has been. I personally doubt EN will again go down this rabbit hole.

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