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Handle Common Image Gallery Widgets in Web Clipping


A lot of what I use Evernote for is to clip articles and ideas from the web that I want to reference later.

Unfortunately, right now image galleries seem to be completely dropped by simplified articles and handled poorly (typically thumbnails only, often with only the images visible in the default selection captured). 

It would be great to have the option of pulling down those images as attachments or appended to the bottom of the clip. 

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Images that are on a page are clipped. Don't use simplified mode then, use the standard or full page options.

The problem is something else: The pictures shown are only thumbnails. The real picture shows when clicked - it is a different content, not on the original page.

This is my understanding of what is meant by picture gallery. If you mean something different, post an example URL here.

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I agree, I wish there were better support for this. I've noticed that the web clipper is a shot in the dark as to whether it will pull in images from Twitter/Tumblr/etc., and sometimes I will get full size images, and sometimes I won't get any at all, and I get a note full of comments instead. I can't seem to replicate any sort of behavior one way or another.

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The webclipper does a pretty good job most of the time but the I guess the huge variety of websites means it will get it wrong sometimes. However, I am disappointed that something as ubiquitous as Twitter causes problems.

Some tricks I use when the webclipper doesn't give me what I want are:

  • Select the text and images first. Then open webclipper. A new option "selection" is then presnt, so choose that.
  • Select and copy the text and images and either paste into a new note or use the global alt+ctrl+V (Windows) to create a new note from the clipboard without leaving the browser.
  • If all esle fails print to pdf and attach the pdf to a note
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All sound advise - however on a real picture gallery it will fail.

Let us take a service like Unsplash, for stock pictures. It shows the pictures for a category on a long page, but the pictures are all low resolution, just for select.

Wehen you choose one, you are taken to a next page, with a larger view of the same picture - but still not the original. There it will ask you which resolution you want, and in some cases which file format. Since the highest resolutions are reserved for account holders, it may fork into a login page, depending on your choice.

And then it will show - nothing. Just a download happens, the high res file is placed in your download folder, and you are finally asked to grant the artist a coffee.

How shall the web clipper download the real pictures, the high resolution files that are the ones a user wants to load ?  

This is why I do not think that web clipper has a chance to really work on such a page. Basically it clips the thumbnails. When you click on them in EN, it opens the original website, and everything else happens there, not on clipped content.

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