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Suche nach Notizen von Heute / Search for Notes from Today

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ich suche nach Notizen von heute. Meine Eingabe created:day zeigt mir jedoch auch Notizen von 1995 an. Wenn ich mit die Details ansehe, so steht das Datum der Erstellung auf den 29..09.1995 00:00 und das Änderungsdatum auf 19.08.2022. Ändere ich die Suche auf created:20220821, wird mir das gleiche Ergebnis in der Suche angezeigt. Die passiert bei mehreren Notizen > 30. 

Freue mich wenn mir jemand helfen kann. 




I'm looking for notes from today. However, my input created:day also shows me notes from 1995. When I look at the details, the date of creation is 29.09.1995 00:00 and the date of modification is 19.08.2022. If I change the search to created:20220821, I get the same result in the search. This happens with several notes > 30. 

I am glad if someone can help me. 


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21 minutes ago, PinkElephant said:

The parameter "day-0" shows only notes created today.

Actually a created:day-x search will show all notes with a created date after that time.  I have a few notes that show created dates in the future so I get a full set.  To search for one specific period,  use two dates - for example created:day-9 -created:day-7

See also: Use advanced search syntax

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Thank you for the answers. The notes that are displayed at "created:day-0" are from today and from the future. So far I have understood that. But the documents that are displayed incorrectly to me are from 1995. In the information on the documents, the date from 1995 is also displayed correctly. 

I don't understand that.

created:day-2 -created:day-0

Thank you

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1995 there was no EN service at all, so the creation date is not plausible. Probably these documents have in reality no creation date at all - they only display a date from 1995 as a default setting.

Possible solutions:

  • Duplicate these notes, delete the originals. The new duplicates should have a new, valid creation date.
  • Try to edit the creation date in note information.
  • Contact support
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54 minutes ago, PinkElephant said:

1995 there was no EN service at all, so the creation date is not plausible.

When I played briefly yesterday I noticed some oddities too - here's the result of a created:day-0 search today.  My guess - the year search assumes any '85 or '89 hits are 2085,  hence the search hits.  I would have been trying to match the publication date of the clips (these are from a digitised cuttings file) and maybe compromised on hitting the right month and year because I could copy/ paste that into the date field more easily...



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