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I have a Team account and a Personal account. The Team account have problems with the Task functionality. Besides, it's troublesome to have two account for just one user. Therefore I want to merge them into one single new Professional account. That ain't easy - mildly spoken. You have to export each Notebook as an .enex file and then import it to the new - third - account. Some of the notebooks imports ok, some fail and don't import. Trying again - new fail. And then the new account don't sync and update immediately and you loose your newly imported .enex files/Notebooks. And the whole process is so slow that it takes hours and hours. Doing this manually is an irritating and cumbersome way to do it. Why is there not an automated way to to this? Couldn't Evernote offer this a a paid service? I love Evernote and have used it for years and years, but this is so annoying that I now consider Apple Notes as an alternative...

Any views on this? Others with same problem? Any ideas how to do this easier? Help appreciated!

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Hi.  These products aren't meant to be used in the way that you're hoping.  If you have no colleagues,  the Teams account is not necessary - move your notes into the Professional account and close the Teams (and the Personal) account down.  Unless four or more individuals are working together,  a Professional account should be fine for working and sharing data.  The idea of a Teams account is that it belongs to the company,  independently of any users.  New workers get their Professional account,  which they can maintain for themselves if they leave.  It's the place to keep drafts,  personal information and general jottings without messing up the corporate database.  It's designed to work differently and have a complicated admin which can permit or withhold access to different areas.

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I know. I did get the Teams account for free - long ago - as a Evernote Certified Consultant. I have used my personal account for many, many years. But if I delete the Teams account I will also have to delete my Personal account as they are connected in some peculiar way. I have now moved all my content from Teams to my company’s HCL Connections to share with all my consultants. And moved some stuff to my Evernote Personal account. But to upgrade that to Professional I have to register a THIRD account and move everything there. And you have to export either each document or each Notebook manually. That is what I call a cumbersome and time consuming way to do it. It would be perfect if I could only delete my Teams account and let my Personal account just live on.  

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I think you may find that your personal account is not irretrievably linked to Teams. The free personal Evernote is designed to allow you to leave a team but still keep your private Evernote content. If I'm correct then you should be able to upgrade to Professional if that is what you require without a third account being needed.

You can double check via an account support ticket.

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I tried to delete the Teams account, but it said I also had to delete the Personal account after having manually moved all my stuff into a third account - and then upgrade the new (third) account to Professional. And you have to do all that stuff manually - and there are thousands of documents. 

And yes - I contacted support about it - and that was how they told me to do it. (They are also on another case of mine - that the Teams account does not work properly on neither of my Macs - only the iOS devices. It does not do tasks and the Home has disappeared when I use a browser. (I use a MacMini M1 and a MacBook Air M1 with the latest Public Beta of the MacOS)... I have removed Evernote, restarted the devices several times, installed Evernote again - but no luck.

So, well... Downloading everything as PDF's just to be sure I don't lose anything.. It takes days doing it manually... 

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From what I read I think the problem in your case is that you are the „last man standing“ as Teams Account Admin  - and probably you have been on the Teams account alone as well. This contradicts the sense of a Teams account, but if they threw it on you as part of the consultant package, who would object ?

From looking things up on the help pages, accounts created before a certain date in 2015 are again more special, and if the Teams account is still running under the old model („not updated“), there are again different rules to follow.

Personally I am not sure if it would have been possible to create a new „dummy“ account, first make it user of the Teams account and then pass the admin role to him. Because from what I read now, the admin as last man standing is treated differently from the other users.

Probably the issues on the Macs are not related to the deactivation of the Teams account - I suppose it is related to run it under beta status. Is the iOS client under beta as well, or is it on a regular release cycle ?

From how I understand the export facility, the number of documents is not relevant. What is relevant is the number of notebooks, since the export should be done by notebook. If you mainly organize by tags, even moving several thousands of notes should not be a big issue.

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The iOS devices are running the latest public beta OS, as well - and they work well - no problems. The reason I download the documents fra Evernote as PDF's is that I want to import them into a total different software - HCL Connections. I am not moving them into another Evernote (third) account - not yet at least.

Anyway there should be a smoother way to export/import total Notebooks - not doing them one by one (some of them so big that they have to be split). Evernote should offer this as a service.

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