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The new IOS update 10.38 claimed to have introduced a shortcut for tasks creation.

However I could not bring it to work. Can someone give me a hint how this works?

Here is the announcement (German attachment).

Basically it says, that a task is created automatically with using round brackets "()".


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No way … (iOS 15.6.1, EN 10.38)

Not even after restarting the iPhone and logging out and back in to the account.

There is no entry about it into the shortcuts in app settings, notes either.

Personally I don‘t see much sense in it anyhow on the soft keyboard: There is the „New task“ button in the editing symbol row, right under my fingertips when editing. This is faster than changing the keyboard level to get at the brackets. Only advantage is on the iPad with hard keyboard.

And of course it should work when announced.

I just issued a support ticket.

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