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Is there a drag-and-drop facility on Evernote

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I am writing a book and I am drawing upon research across the Internet. So my initial plan was to set up a Notebook as the equivalent of the title of the book and then create Notes for each chapter. I had thought that I would be able to use the Evernote Clipper to initially file the research in the title and then drag it to the relevant chapter (note) but as far as I can tell this is not possible which surprises me.

Please could you confirm that my understanding is correct and therefore the only way around this is to have a Notebook for each chapter and select the right notebook to file each piece of research.

Stuart Mackie

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Not positive that I understand your question, but here goes.

Clipper creates a new note.  You chose the manner of the clip (simplified article, pdf, etc) and send that clip to a notebook, where a new note is created each time.  There's no dragging or mousing in the process of getting a web clip to EN.

I'd suggest using tags as a way to organize your research per chapter.  So, you'd organize the notes as separate chapters (chapter 1, 2, x).  You separately create tags for the research for each chapter (tag name= chpt.1research, chpt.2research, etc).  Assign the correct tag when you clip.

I'm in safari, ymmv.

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7 hours ago, Stuart Mackie said:

use the Evernote Clipper to initially file the research in the title and then drag it to the relevant chapter (note) but as far as I can tell this is not possible which surprises me.

I'm not sure I understand your proposal either.  Clipper (or copy/ paste)  will grab information from the web or local files and share it around. There is no hierarchy of notes - just use the titles to link your work: <name of book> <name of chapter><section> and sort a search for the title.  Or - as @lost_gweedo suggests,  use tags...

Evernote has some useful information here...  Organize with tags

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Hi, and welcome to the forums. As @lost_gweedo says, the Web clipper creates a new note in the notebook you designate, so in your case the notebook with the title of your book. You can't clip directly to an existing note, nor, as you've discovered, simply drag one note from the list into another note. What you can do is merge multiple notes together: click on your notebook in the sidebar on the left, then first select the chapter note, then use Ctrl+click to select the Web-clipped notes in the order in which you want them to appear. As you select notes, a popup dialogue bar will appear. When you've got all the notes selected, click the "Merge" icon image.png.fa387f2662ba823e0b2b0cb94b915e6a.png on this bar. This will open a dialogue with various options. I said you should select the chapter note first, but in fact if you don't, you can rearrange the sequence of notes in the dialogue; whichever one is first in the list will give its title to the new, merged note. The "Advanced options" dropdown will let you choose some specifics of how the new note will appear, and whether to retain the original notes or have them moved to Trash (where you can still access them later until you delete them).

Another option is to select and drag content from within a Web-clipped note into the main chapter note. One way to do that would be to open the main note in a separate window (double-click on it, or press Ctrl+Enter while it has focus in the note list), then select each clipped note in sequence, select all its content, and drag it to the new note. This could get a little tricky, though, depending on the complexity of the Web clips, and I would stick with merging.

One final thought on structuring your notes. I also have notebooks for books to be written, and individual notes for specific research, ideas, etc. I haven't yet organized these notes into chapters, but if I decide to do that in Evernote rather than in my writing software, I will probably use a tagging system such as @lost_gweedo suggests. Then when I view a specific chapter's tag, I will see all the notes that pertain to it. The added advantage of this is that if you're not sure which chapter some material might belong in, you can put multiple tags on it and decide later. Such a system will keep your chapter notes from becoming too long and unwieldy. Evernote is designed to work best with relatively short notes.

Hope all this is some help!

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Actually EN is build for this type of research.

You can drop your research by the web clipper to the notebook. Then create a link to the new note and place it into the chapter note.

Through the link you can always go to that clipped note. 

Or merge the note with the „chapter“ note. You can select the note that should go on top, to append the new content at the end of the chapter note, and maintain its title.

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