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(Archived) Feature request - default notebook on startup


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I like to mostly use Evernote on Android for text capture. I also use it to store a huge database of scanned documents.

All of my text notes are in their own notebook which is synced for offline use. It would be really convenient if there was a way to specify that I'd like to go into that notebook when starting up the app.

Anyway, thanks for considering it.

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You can place a shortcut to that notebook on your android home screen. This will then launch the app directly into the notebook.

Easiest procedure to create a shortcut is:

1: open evernote client and access notebook you want to create the shortcut for.

2: click the menu button

3: select "Create Shortcut"

4: edit title to what you want icon to be named

5: hit save

Then you should be able to return to your home screen and see an elephant icon with the name you assigned in step 4.

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Basically you can create a shortcut to notes in a notebook. (which is same as creating a shortcut to a notebook).

Start the app -> go to Notebooks -> select the Notebook -> list of notes in that notebook opens up -> press menu -> select create shortcut.

A shortcut to that notebook will be created in the home screen.



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