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Lost all but 4 lines of an extensive note without explanation!

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hi thanks

iphone and yes was connected

in fact i was typing fast and furiously and Evernote was correcting my typos in real time. I wrote at least 4 “screen lengths” of words and then put my phone down.

this was about 3:57 am according to the last history recorded

When i went to start the note again to edit, there were literally 4 lines ! I went into the info and the history and hit restore thinking something was amiss and there was nothing to restore 


Have searched trash as well. Note was untitled.


To see if not hitting save would do it - tho that’s never been an issue before and Evernote always saves in real time for me- I wrote out a fake note this morning, closed Evernote went and did other things and came back and it was still there.


Do you think it exists anywhere?? thank you 

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You go to Evernote.com and log in with your account user & password. What you then get (after a short wait for the download) is what is stored on the EN server - the master copy from where all devices draw their information.

Hint: Free users can’t do this easily, the web client counts as another device.

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A long shot----I "lost" some text in a note when my dark screen mode changed or I changed the dark mode preference in an app. My auto colored text disappeared into the background color.  Still there, just camouflaged.  Highlighted the area and changed text/font color.  Panic for awhile, though, until I realized what I'd done...

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