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50% Discount not working

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I'm having an issue as well. I got an email today titled, "Don’t miss this limited-time offer! ", with the email body showing:

Level up your life with 50% off
SAVE NOW spacer.gif

I followed the links, and when I logged in to upgrade, I got this message, "

Upgrade to continue using Evernote on this device
Upgrade now and get 25% off Evernote Personal. Access your notes on unlimited devices.
Since I'm a current subscriber (but not using on any devices because I added a new one, and isn't working on any because I had too many), should I have not received the 1st email, or not received the 2nd notice?
I'm in. I will either upgrade (most likely) or remove devices (therefore limiting the value), but it would be great to know which offer applies to me....
- DMac
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This is a simple one (but don’t shout at me if I am wrong …):

The first offer was to upgrade your account to Personal. You said you upgraded, but it needs to trickle down through the systems.

So I assume it had not yet reached your account to up it to Personal. So they tried to sell you the upgrade a second time, because they saw the account still as Free.

I think your first action will stick, if you wait a little (should be done within 24hrs, if the subscription worked). Then you will not see the second message again, and your account will show the subscription status.

If not you can reach out to support, even when still showing as Free user. The ticket types Account and Payments & Billing are available for all users.

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Thanks for the insight.

In fact, in this case, I don't "think" that's the answer.

AFAIK, I have not upgraded.

I finally decided that using one app on all devices is better, so when I saw the email to upgrade, I figured it was time to bite the bullet, especially at a 50% discount!

As I navigated through logging in, I then saw the other offer.

So, I've not upgraded at all...


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If you are interested, it should be possible to grab the 50% offer still (which is for the first year only, as are the 25%). The 25% are no special offer, to me it seems they are generally offered to Free users when they decide to upgrade.

But of course you can continue on Free as well, with the restrictions that come with that plan.

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