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Oh the good old days!!

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Hello All,

I'm new to the forum and looking for any info on some key features I've lost upgrading to Windows10 and the latest version of Evernote. I use Evernote's default folder as a dumping station for all things. I'm constantly "daily" moving these items from the default folder to their appropriate notebooks and leaving only "ToDo's" in the default folder. The Evernote update has removed/hidden the box, allowing you to quickly move items to other notebooks, especially the last three used entries. Having to type and then hit submit every time is a massive loss of time for me.  Is there an option to change this feature? Lastly, the biggest failure is my ability to drag PDFs from Evernote into Thunderbird or Google webmail. I have no choice now but to move PDFs from Evernote to the desktop, then to the mail program, and then remember to delete the PDFs on my desktop. I will send anyone an extra Christmas card this year if you can tell me how to fix this. Evernote is a critical part of my life, and the two most prominent features have disappeared from me. Any advice is welcome.



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3 hours ago, Steve652 said:

to quickly move items to other notebooks

Hi. Options - 

  • Drag/ drop note onto new notebook OR
  • Click to the right of the notebook name in the current note - see 'move to' box OR
  • tag notes with name of new notebook - search for tag,  then move found note(s).  Using standard tags and saved searches is often useful here...
  • just use tags instead of notebooks...
3 hours ago, Steve652 said:

move PDFs from Evernote to the desktop, then to the mail program

If by 'move' you mean drag and drop,  then welcome to my standard process...

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