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Evernote Legacy app (V 6.25) End of Life Cycle RFI

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Would anyone here be able to give a rough estimate or contingent conditions for the Evernote Legacy app (version 6.25) to reach end lifecycle?


The Help & leaning page above is less than clear on the below two points of interest:

- Limited time frame of download availability?

- Should we expect the legacy version to cease functioning in the foreseeable future?

Any clarification would be greatly appreciated. Please keep the responses pertinent.

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Hi.  We're mainly users here,  so the pertinent answer is "no clue."  Evernote are unlikely to comment in more detail.  There will,  I'm sure,  be adequate time to export notes or upgrade if and when Evernote does pull the plug on Legacy.

Meantime I have exported ENEX backups of my notebooks and a copy of the 6.25 installer file saved in case I need it.

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Legacy IS end of life: No more changes, no bug fixes, no support, nothing, and if it stops working tomorrow, it is gone. Nobody should expect any help for then switching over.

There are 3 szenarios when it will stop to work eventually:

1) A change in the OS makes it useless (like crashing it on startup)

2) Changes to the EN data structure makes it unable to contact the EN server

3) EN actively disables it

I think (3) is the most unlikely, because based on its deprecated status, it is not consuming resources at EN. 1) and 2) may happen, with a similar likelihood. Personally I expect none of both for the next years. The other question for oneself is if it is a wise strategy to build your own data collection on an app that is only running on borrowed time.

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Sorry, I beg to differ re Windows users

Evernote Legacy connects to the EN server very well, the Google Chrome  webclipper works better than ever before and in the unlikely event of the Legacy app crash  just open the Web version. 

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The web clipper has nothing to do with the legacy clients. It is continuously developing, with new releases. The data flows through the API directly to the server.

The web client may be the first desktop client where legacy in fact is moving to be discontinued. EN has warned that the use of the „classical“ editor can cause inconsistent behavior. They will remove the option in the closer future.

The installed client for Mac and Windows will continue to work - until it doesn’t.

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