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Can I Restore History Created In Basic If Upgrade Now



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There are 2 conditions for note history:

The note itself must still exist (can be in the trash, then it first needs to be reactivated)

The missing content must before have synced to the server - note history runs on the server

Beside this, note history is running all of the time, for all accounts. It is only the access and the ability to restore an older version  that is limited to the subscribers.

Whether there is a note history that can be restored you only learn when you open note history on such a note (needs to be on a desktop client PC/Mac), and check on note history. Most of the time it is there.

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You read my post right above yours ?

If you were still in editing mode, it depends on the type of client you use.

Desktop practically continuously syncs to the server - here is a chance that note history will reveal something useful. No guarantees, however.

On mobile the sync only happens after you closed the note. There if you did not interrupt you editing, the new content likely has not yet reached the server. In this case note history will not show anything.

You can just upgrade and find out yourself.

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