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Image sizing guides and resize snapping in UX



As a user of Evernote, I am often taking screenshots of presentations, and writing commentary & notes under each slide. However, on large monitors (or high DPI laptop monitors) pasting the screenshot into the page at full width is too big, and I'd resize the image down. However, for consistency, resizing pasted screenshots at the *same* size is too hard and time consuming. There are some tools, like Confluence, which have a really neat image resizing UX which snap to increments of 10% of the width of the canvas. This is nice as the images scale as the width of the app canvas scales, preserving look and feel of the notebook page regardless of the device and app width.

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Use Confluence when you like it …

Inside of EN there is a very simple trick that does the job: Put a table into the note, set a column to the width you like, and place the pictures into that column. I would use one row of the table for each picture, it is better in handling.

The pictures will automatically resize to the width of the table, but will keep their original resolution and quality. You can always adapt the column width, which will resize all pictures at once.

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