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Font Color Keyboard Shortcut

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I use dark-mode for evernote in Windows and I basically color code things as I write. I need a quicker way to change font colors as I go. Is there any way for me to use a macro or keyboard shortcut for evernote to do this?

The highlight option within dark-mode looks washed-out and I rather change font colors. It looks better and it makes it easier for me to read.


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I can't see a way, at present, to create a macro or keystroke to achieve what you want. Only mouse clicks... Highlight, click to select the colour picker, choose your colour.

If you feel it would be something that you could encourage Evernote to consider for the future then you can submit via Feedback in the apps or by submitting a support ticket. Tickets are only available to paying subscribers.

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I can see that this would be very handy to have--I prefer keyboard shortcuts to mousing for as much formatting as possible. @agsteele, is the impossibility of a macro due to the fact you mentioned in an unrelated thread, that the Evernote API has not yet been updated so that scripting programs can access such functions?



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This would no happen through the API. The API interacts with the server, not with the local client.

This would require scripting with the local client as scrip target. This trick is still not on the list of features of v10.

It could work (if and when enabled) on desktops via EnScript / Apple Script, or on iOS through the shortcuts app.

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