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(Archived) winmo ver not getting most recent notes

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i was super happy when i finally got data service on my winmo phone (since i cannot see any feature on evernotes for 'favorites' to be viewed offline like the ipod touch version)... but everytime i go to use evernotes, it doesnt show the latest notes -- for example -- today i updated 4 notes on my mac. i waited for it to sync to the servers. works fine on my ipod touch - latest and greatest are showing... on my win mo - open evernotes =-= (btw its connected to wi-fi, AND cell data network and usb data to my mac - charging)... wait around 35-40 sec for it to populate the list. wrong list -- its showing notes that have been deleted a week ago -- and NOT showing any new updates or notes. not sorting by date updated (i verified this is the sort order)... scrolling down thru the notes is tedious - and every time i have to click 'more notes' it takes another 30-45 secs to populate. i had it check for updates - none avail.

check activity info -- that just brings a blank screen up...

how can i get evernote winmo to work? i really would like to only carry my phone around - not have to carry my ipod touch too so that i can see my notes while out and about (i have many shopping lists, lists of sizes and colors etc for stuff etc etc - all integral)

ver 3.3(64861)

winmo 6.5

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