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Ability to Lock & Unlock Notebooks



I would like the ability to lock a notebook, such that notes could not be inadvertently added, changed or deleted without going through the additional step of first unlocking. The notebook could always be unlocked if changes were desired and re-locked afterward, and a notebook could be locked for a period of time and then unlocked once the need for locking has passed.

As an example, if a notebook is being used to hold documents for legal discovery, it could be locked once those documents were handed over to opposing counsel to maintain a record of the files transferred. Another use would be to maintain version control of a set of documents, freezing the notebook contents so that its contents could not be inadvertently altered.

Once implemented, search functions could choose whether to include or exclude notebooks with locked content.

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I must say that as a decade-long user and first-time submitter of an improvement idea, with the response basically being, "a lot of people have been asking for that for a long time without it happening," that it doesn't make me want to submit more ideas.

It also makes me wonder, for the very first time, whether there are other options to consider in the marketplace.

I do appreciate you letting me know, however, and not just leaving me hopeful yet continually disappointed that this might be coming soon.

In short, points to the PinkElephant but not to the green one in the logo.

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You should be happy that not everything users are asking for is coded.

Ever used MS Office ? Then you should know what I mean …

About this specific feature: EN runs note history for all notes, in the background. If you unintentionally edit a note (or even send it to the trash), you can recover it either from note history or from the trash. Activating from trash all users can do, going back on the timeline in note history is a subscribers feature.

I sometimes used note history in the past, but always because I intentionally made changes that later I wanted to revert. I never needed to use it because I unintentionally edited a note. Against the intentional changing of a note your proposal would do nothing, so zero gain from my user experience.

But of course you can see it as a super important feature, and ask for it. EN will check whether it adds value for ALL users, and probably if it could be used as a stand out feature, added only to a paid plan level. So better explain why it would create value, both for users and the developer. Good luck !

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"So better explain why it would create value, both for users and the developer. Good luck !"

I gave two quick examples in my request, one of which was echoed by others requesting the same feature. Put simply, the ability to prevent problems is much more valuable than the ability fix problems you may be lucky enough to find.

Why would it create value for the developer? Because if it were included in a higher-priced tier, I would have upgraded to get the functionality.

And no, you should not add every requested feature. But you should definitely seek to discover the unaddressed needs being expressed by your customers. Telling them, "you don't really want that", or "you can get some of what you want if you use some functionality not designed for what you're trying to do" isn't understanding your customer base.

It's talking down to them.

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