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(Archived) Sorry, the operation you are trying to perform..

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Last month, I upgraded to Premium. I allowed the account to relapse so that I could consider signing up at the yearly rate, so I'm currently a Free user.

This morning while at work, I started the Evernote (Windows) application, and received the following error before the sync completed:

Sorry, the operation you are trying to perform cannot be completed because it would exceed your upload allowance for this month. Upgrade to Evernote Premium, etc. etc etc.

My question is.. I wasn't trying to upload anything (merely started the application, and it was syncing). I haven't uploaded anything since I before my Premium account expired.

Any advice? Thanks in advance.

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BTW.. I just looked at my usage and there is a discrepancy.

While the Windows application states I've used 83.3 of 40 MB available, the web application states I've used 1 of 40 MB. The Windows app is still syncing, so we'll see what happens after it completes.

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Syncing has been completed on my Windows application (does it normally take over a half hour?), and the quota of 1MB used is now correctly reflected.

Not a huge deal, but I wonder why Evernote suggested an upgrade when I was well underneath my monthly quota?

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