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Track changes and/or comments section for shared notes



I would love the ability to share a note or notebook with a team member, with the options to:

  • Track the changes they make, if they are given access for editing.  Color coding or highlighting their changes would be ideal, particularly if sharing with multiple team members. (We have Evernote Teams, if that makes a difference)


  • Have a comments section available for all team members, even if they have view only access to the note contents.


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Interesting proposal - currently the data format does not provide for this sort of metadata.

You can contact your teams support rep through the admin of your teams account. Since this would mean some very fundamental changes, I doubt we will see anything like that in the near future.

As a workaround, you can use Google Docs (that AFAIK allows for tracking changes) and embed the link to the document into the note.

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