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incorrect received date was recorded when save gmail to EN via gmail add-on

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When I saved a gmail to EN, the system created an incorrect received date for the gmail. It may be a local time issue. But how can I fix it?

for example:

In gmail:

from: xyx@afaf.com

to acx@ggg.com

date: 15 Aug 2022, 17:02


from: xyx@afaf.com

to acx@ggg.com

date received: 14 Aug 2022, 17:02

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I don't typically use the Gmail add-on since I moved away from Google hosting my domain.  But I still have my personal Gmail account so popped in there and used the add-on to add an Email into my Evernote default folder.  I tried with both Gmail in my desktop browser and on my Gmail app on my Android  phone.  Both added the Email to my Evernote account and both times the date/time remained as in the original Email.

So I 'd think that this might relate to oddities in the message headers.  As you say possibly a local time zone issue.  But it didn't affect me for a message sent from someone in my UK time zone.

I don't think anyone in these forums is likely to be able to assist you. You will likely need to open a ticket with technical support to investigate.

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