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(Archived) Feature Request: Select Destination Notebook in Safari




I would like to have the option of selecting the destination notebook when using the Evernote Clipper in Safari for Mac; Evernote offers only the choice of a default notebook for storing clips - requiring that I regularly clean out my default notebook to organize my clippings.

According to the product details, FireFox's Web Clipper Extension will send any clips "directly to the local application" if Evernote is installed, rather than to the web application.

Could this same FireFox functionality be offered in Safari using either the Safari Clipper installed by Evernote or a new Safari Extension? If I'm not mistaken, the Bookmarklet requires a network connection to clip directly to the Evernote web application.

Thanks very much!

You guys rock! Evernote rocks!


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Hi Dave!

Thanks for the reply! However, I was already aware of the 'set default notebook' preference - as I stated in the first paragraph of my original post. Sorry it wasn't clear!

My interest is in selection of a destination notebook on a clip-by-clip basis. The official Safari clipper does not allow users to select a destination notebook on a clip-by-clip basis.

However, the selection of a destination notebook on a clip-by-clip basis is available in the official FireFox extension - WHEN it's configured to clip to Evernote Web rather than the local Evernote application. If the extension is configured to clip to the local application, then FireFox simply dumps the clip into Evernote's default notebook.

I hope that has clarified the original request.

Thanks very much!


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