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Can't delete note on one of my devices

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There's one note in Evernote that I cannot delete. However, it appears only on one of my devices (Win10), but seems to be gone (as intended) on the others (another Win PC and 2 iOS devices), and it's gone on Evernote Web as well. Looks to me as if the "Delete" action has gone wrong on that PC and some Information for the note has remained behind.

I can select it, but can't do anything with it then. 

If you look at the attached picture, it's the one with the title "Auf Notebook installieren".

Any idea how I get rid of that zombie?




Evernote Note cannot be deleted.jpg

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You likely have a corrupted database on the PC. You can download a fresh copy from the server:

  1. Go to File > Sign Out [name] from the menu bar.
  2. Select the "Remove my Evernote data from this device" option, then click Sign out.
  3. Restart your computer.
  4. Sign back in to Evernote. Keep the app open while it downloads your notes from the server.
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