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Where can I find the total number of notes on my Evernote for Android

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I am looking for something similar to the following screenshot from Evernote for Windows (v on my Evernote for Android (v 8.13.3). Is there such feature on the Evernote for Android? Evernote for Android does show number of notes for each notebook so do I need to cumbersomely tally up all the number of notes in each notebook?


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  • MakWada changed the title to Where can I find the total number of notes on my Evernote for Android

Thanks for the tip @PinkElephant, I do not know if I have followed your instructions correctly,
but I think it is not there for Evernote for Android (v 8.13.3).
Here is screenshot from my Evernote for Android (translated the necessary parts of the Japanese into English).



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  • Evernote Expert

Very few of us are able to check the results since most have, I think, been upgraded to Evernote 10.

You could try going to All Notes then searching for * This should give give a search of all notes. Perhaps this gives a count.

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2 hours ago, agsteele said:

try going to All Notes then searching for *

I'd expect that to hit some sort of limit at maybe 1000 notes...

I'm still on 8.13.3 and can't find an easy notes total - but why do you need one?  Your mobile does not store all the notes,  just a search index so you can download the latest version(s) of notes from the server.  What's actually on your device is just temporary storage.  If you can see a notes total on your desktop,  that would be the same for the mobile app.

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@agsteele I think it is not there for v8 Evrenote for Android. Thanks for letting me know that it is there for v10 Evrenote for Android.

@gazumped Thank you your reply. As for the folllowing:

On 8/14/2022 at 6:57 PM, gazumped said:

I'm still on 8.13.3 and can't find an easy notes total - but why do you need one?

I want to upgrade to v10 Evernote for Android. However I am afraid there might be notes just in my local Android, because it has yet to syncrhonized with the server. There are 2 cases that I've noticed:

  1. HIDDEN: When I clip multiple webpages on my Android in quick succession, it does not immediately show on my Evernote for Android. It takes time for it to show on my Android: sometime it shows up the next morning but I am fearful that there are those that never show that I do not know about it 😨.
  2. UPLOADING IN PROGRESS: Even if the HIDDEN ones do show up on my Android, there are those that are still "uploading in progress" back from 2017 when it's 2022 (as shown in my screenshot at the bottom of this reply). I checked that it is not reflected in my Evernote for Windows. Although the screenshot shows that "Clip failed", that is not the reason why it is not being uploaded because I have a lot of "Clip failed" notes on my Evernote for Windows (which were clipped from my Android). I have tried to push (synchronize) on my v8 Evernote for Android, but it doesn't work and "Duplicate note" also stays HIDDEN (doesn't work).

So if I can either find the following on my v8 Evernote for Android:

  1. The total number of indexed notes,including the HIDDEN and UPLOADING IN PROGRESS, on my Evernote for Android
  2. Way to search for HIDDEN and UPLOADING IN PROGRESS on my Evernote for Android

then I can at least know what I will be leaving behind when I uninstall v8 Evernote for Android. I will have a little peace of mind and be "free at last" from the old version.


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Let me just jump in to say that if you have notes that are still marked "uploading in progress" since 2017, they are not really uploading and are not going to upload--unless you have not had a reliable Internet connection for more than a few minutes in the last 5 years. You would do best to locate those notes, copy their content to the clipboard, create new notes, and paste the content there. If the new notes upload/sync successfully, you can the delete the ones that failed to upload.

As for the "hidden" notes, again the question of time enters in. If they have been waiting for more than a few hours to finish uploading, they also may never finish uploading, and you should try going to those sites and clipping/sharing them to Evernote again. I don't think Evernote 8 on an unreliable Internet connection is really set up to clip several Web pages in rapid succession. It might be better to clip one, let it sync, then clip the next one, etc.

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1 hour ago, MakWada said:

I want to upgrade to v10 Evernote for Android.

Hi again - are you now running a device that has an Android 10x OS?  You can't (AFAIK) access the v10 Evernote in the play store with an earlier OS.

As regards your worries - 

  1. Web clips go straight to your account on Evernote's servers.  Mobile devices have limited storage and default to NOT storing any notes locally,  so adding a new clip means it has to go to your Server-based account,  and then be synced to the mobile search index so that you can 'see' that you have it.  It is completely impossible to have clips hidden on your mobile that are only stored there.
  2. Uploads in progress are clips - copies of web pages - that have not yet been fully added to your server-based database.  That can happen because the site is busy,  your access is behind a paywall to which Evernote doesn't have access,  or the site actively discourages random copies.  Where you have these notes,  Evernote should have recorded the URL of that site,  and correcting the situation requires that you go to that URL,  recall what you were clipping,  and do it all over again on a desktop whilst still connected to the site.  You will either see a successful clip,  or get some clues as to the reason why it's not available.  Again information on this sort of topic is NOT stored on any mobile device.  You can upgrade quite safely if you are able to do so.

To check what "uploading in progress" notes you have,  check for that phrase on a desktop or (maybe) on the browser version.  I just checked on my Desktop Legacy app and didn't find any - but it was quite  a long search.  If you do find some,  you should be able to go to the original source page and re-clip.

Best of Luck!!

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