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Evernote web clipper screenshots incomplete results

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I'm not entirely sure if this belongs in the Evernote for Windows (legacy) area, as it's the web clipper that has the issue - but I don't see an area specifically for the web clipper


Windows 10 Pro 21H2

Firefox 103.0.2

The issue occurs in Firefox. If I try in Opera, it works fine. I realize that points to an issue with Firefox, but I can't find anything in my settings or extensions that could cause it. I just disabled all extensions except the Evernote Clipper, same results. Happens whether I click drag, or just click for full page.

I guess basically I'm here to see if others have experienced it, and if they were able to fix it.

The image I am screenshotting is public domain ( https://pixnio.com/media/white-church-tower-backyard-religion-tower#  )

1. A screenshot using a desktop application, showing the page immediately before the Evernote screenshots:1651190831_2022-08-1014_53_31-NVIDIAGeForceOverlayDT.thumb.png.a0dae09ede2cbf8b8a63f3950d3fa847.png



2. The results of the Evernote Clipper click-drag screenshot:


3. The results of the Evernote Clipper click for full page screenshot:



Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi.  You should be able to right-click an image and get a drop down menu which will include some Evernote options,  one of which is 'clip image to Evernote' which will avoid any screenshot or full page copies.  From the two images you posted above it looks like 1) the box wasn't around the whole image when you clipped,  and 2) the picture is inset on the page,  which might explain the left-hand void in your pic after 'clip page'.

Using the right-click method I got this from the web page without any great drama - 


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Excellent, thanks for the reply. In regards to your speculations, no, it's not that i've fat-fingered the box when clipping (I know you didn't say it that way!), I've done this dozens of times on multiple sites, that was just an example site. When I did the screenshot, it was from the 'zoom in' page, which filled the page. It's definitely some sort of fubar with firefox and evernote - but - what I want to know is, why the heck isn't that option on right-click a standard part of the clipper interface!

It works great, so I will rely on that until the issue is fixed.


Thanks again.

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You're correct that this should be a Web Clipper issue rather than connected to your desktop app.

Have you tried viewing the results in the Evernote web browser? If the result is the same then open a ticket with support for the web clipper.

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I'm having the exact same problem with Firefox and the Evernote desktop app shows the same fragment of the image. A clean install of Firefox without any other addons also shows an Evernote screenshot of the left upper corner. Everything works well in Edge.

Tried older versions of the Evernote extension but that didn't solve the problem.

It probably occured after the firefox update from a few days ago.

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Can't reproduce anything on my Mac, clipped on Safari 15.6 and Firefox 103.0.2.

The result from both browsers is identical. What is funny is that in the web clip format, the church is looking vertically compressed. Once I simplify it, it gets that stretched appearance again. I think this is a visual effect caused by the limited height of the web clip container. It does not depend on the browser used.

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On 8/16/2022 at 1:02 AM, anastrophe said:

Thank you for the corroborating evidence. I'm working with support at the moment on this. They aren't able to reproduce the issue, so we're digging deeper.

You're welcome and thank you for bringing it up in the first place.

Something I noticed while still trying to figure it out, is that the Evernote Tray Application does make a good screenshot (Windows 10 with all the latest updates). Hope this will be solved soon because I really miss the screenshot option of clipping.

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I am having the same issues with Firefox. The screenshot function doesnt clip the correct part of the web page. It seems to be clipping another part of the page. Works fine in Safari and Brave. Latest Mac OS btw

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Still can't reproduce what you describe and show in the video.

When I use the crosshair tool to clip, it will still clip what I selected.

I leave this with you and support - maybe this obviously pretty individual problem will be solved, eventually.

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