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Scannable App Producing Different Size PDFs




I use Scannable to digitize paper logbooks for airplanes into PDF format.

The logbooks come in different paper sizes, but lately I've been having a technical issue regarding output from Scannable. 

I use an LED ring light when capturing the logbook pages, with a dark background.

Without any discernible reason as to why, when Scannable captures images, sometimes it creates a huge version of one page, and a tiny version of the next. You can zoom in on the small pages and read the text clearly, but I'd prefer a single size output, especially when all of the pages are equal dimensions in physical form.

An example is attached. Page one, Scannable created as a 3.5" x 2" file. Page 2 is an 11" x 6.04" file.

Any idea what's going on here or how I can fix it?

Scannable Issues.pdf

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Scannable tries to assume the size of the original document, which can lead to the effect you describe.

AFAIK there is no setting to influence this process.

There are better scanning apps, switch to another one.

P.S. The attachment in your post is not available.

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