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Can't paste a screen clipping into web evernote

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Help! Having issues pasting screenshots into Web Evernote. I'm on a windows PC using Chrome.

I'm using Shift windows S to create a screen clipping. When I try to paste in Web Evernote with a Control-V nothing happens. When I use Cntr-V to paste into another application like Word, the image shows up. Also when I try to paste a Print Screen into Web Evernote, nothing happens. 

When I copy some text from Excel or word and Cntr-V into Web Evernote, the text shows up. 



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I just tried this, and it works for me, using Edge as the browser, on Windows 10. There have been reports of this problem with Firefox: https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/139542-paste-image-from-clipboard-via-ctrlv-not-working-with-firefox-930/. I don't know about Chrome though. Can you try with a different browser and see if it works? That will at least help isolate the problem.


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Uggh - yes I had tried both ideas (pasting to Word first and the recopying, and another browser Edge) - neither of these worked. Any other ideas? 

Just to confirm - i should be able to paste a snipped image into evernote? I used to be able to do this btw.

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This works fine for me with the web browser Evernote in Firefox and screen capture with Win+Shift+S and then Ctrl+V to paste into the web browser.

Yes, you should be able to achieve this.  That you cannot isn't an issue with Evernote alone. 


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