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Two factor authentication gives number from +33 phone number that is not correct

Evert Meijer


After enabling two-factor authentication I received a number from a + 33 number with the message ""xxxxxxx is your number." When I typed it in, it was wrong. I asked again for a number, now I got a txt message from +44 number. What is happening?

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I have a similiar issue but it's in trying to set up 2 step verification (ie I can't set it up).

I get sent a number by SMS and I enter it and it says it's not valid.  I ask it to send another one and it works.  Then I try to set up a backup phone number (my wife's) and it sends her the same number that originally failed for me and it also fails, saying it's invalid.  I can't ask for another one.


So I cancel out and try again, and once again, I get sent the same 6 digit number which fails.  Rinse and repeat.


Unfortunately the link in the previous post won't allow me to submit a ticket as I'm a free user and therefore only have access to the community.  So much for being able to tell them they have an issue when it comes to users trying to make their account more secure.


Hopefully someone from Evernote will see this.

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