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Copy & Paste From Word Doesn't Display Images

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I tried searching for this but couldn't find it mentioned anywhere.

I've got a word document with multiple images. If I select all/copy and then go and paste into Evernote, the images don't show up. I get "Untitled Attachment" in place of the image. I can copy each individual image one at a time from word and paste that into Evernote and it works.

I can save the word document to my laptop and insert it into a note in Evernote, but I don't want to do it like that.

Is there a way I am able to copy and paste the whole word document with images and they display correctly in Evernote?


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Haven't tried this myself but there are a number of issues copying from Word and pasting into Evernote.  These are more extensive in Windows than Mac. This may be another.  I don't think we can offer a direct solution other than doing what @gazumped suggests or just attaching the Word document to your note.  You might open a support ticket. I don't think it will bring an immediate solution but it will remind the Evernote developers that the issue exists. Be sure to tell them about your operating system as well as the version of Evernote you are using.

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