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Web Clipper / Bookmarks but with a Template?

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Hi Everyone - is there any way to build a "bookmark template" so that for each bookmark, there are certain tags / fields that the user is prompted for? For example, you bookmark a page and are prompted to enter a tag for "Month" and a tag for "Bookmark type": (home, work, kids) 

The end goal is to share notes with a few people that are all using the exact same format. So if we all had the same template for the bookmark it would help that.

Open to any suggestions you have!



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Hi, and welcome to the forums. When you use the Web clipper and select a bookmark as the type of clip, there is always the option to add tags and some notes/comments. The Web clipper settings (gear icon) lets you set a default notebook and tag. But that's about it. That kind of prompting would require some sort of programming or at least macro capability, I would imagine.

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