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(Archived) Evernote won't even fully start anymore???

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I've had all the same problems that everyone else has described here. Data loss, blank notes loading, etc. I am a premium user and now...let me check...yep...evernote has been trying to start up on my pre for the past ten minutes. It won't even open now.

It will however, make the phone hot enough to burn a hole in my leg while it goes into online mode but it won't ever stop starting and just go to the notes.

It's obvious that Palm is a dying animal here but is there any way that someone can fix this amazing app run on this slow death machine?

I'm desperately seeking a way to make it work. It won't work whether or not I'm on WIFI or just 3G. it just hangs. I restart....nothing different.

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We're testing a new Pre release now, which fixes several problems that we've found since the Pre was released.

When the internal testing is done, we'll definitely look forward to some help from external testers.

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Thanks. I appreciate Evernote's product and work on improving it for all of us. Look forward to the new release.

BTW - It started working again the other day. In the event that someone else has a problem with that issue...I had Guvnah (homebrew app) installed. I deleted it and Evernote started working again. It still lags bad but I can tell if it is the Evernote app or just my Pre.

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