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(Archived) Feature Request:Note Size in List View in Client

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Request: Customizable field capability in list view similar to MicroSoft Outlook.

- Add 'Size' as one of the sortable field values in the client in list view. This is particularly important, as users are limited to how much material they can store. Adding the note SIZE information would help users in pruning their data.

- I'd like to see the ability to show/hide column headings, and to drag them to different positions. - At present I see three date fields: Creation Date, Modification date, Custom Date. I don't quite see the value of the Custom Date column. I'd like to have the flexibility to right click on the column headings and check/uncheck visible sortable fields. (at this point I'd uncheck the 'custom date' field, and check the file size field.)

- I'd like the ability to re-order the column headings. Say, move the tags toward the left for greater visibility. Move the notebook to the right for lower visibility, or remove it completely, as I should be aware of what notebook I'm in from the side pane.

- I don't expect this functionality to be present on the web client, but I'm sure it would be welcome there as well.

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