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Quick way to show the notes linking to the current note



One attraction for Evernote is that it aims to be frictionless in taking and organizing notes. The recent update of Evernote has made the insertion a reference to other notes easier. However it is cumbersome to list all the notes which are referencing the current note, the so-called backlinks. Evernote does not implement a command to show these backlinks. The implementation of showing backlinks for one or multiple selected notes inside Evernote will make Evernote meaningfully more powerful. Essentially the most useful part of Zettelkasten has been achieved by just adding this one straightforward command. 

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I completely agree that this would be useful. My approach is simply to search for the title of the note. This works provided you have a reasonably specific title and haven't changed it since creating the link. Strangely, if you search for the actual internal link string nothing is found so EN does not search for the link behind text. I haven't tested to see whether this is also true of a url hidden behind text.

I also note that there is a filter for notes containing URLs but not one for notes containing internal links which would seem to be an easy thing to do and again would be useful.

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I did search for the title string of the current note as a proxy to find backlinks too. The solution is not clean though. The implementation of searching for backlinks as a new type of search in EN should be straightforward but it will enable many potentials. If EN is listening, it will be a no-brainer to do this as one of the HIGHEST priorities NOW!

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8 hours ago, M31415926 said:

If EN is listening, it will be a no-brainer to do this as one of the HIGHEST priorities NOW!

There's a contradiction here - Evernote do read Forum posts for feedback and general information,  but with thousands of posts per day they may not read this one for weeks or months.  They literally can't give your request here any priority at all...

To get a high priority - or at least make sure the company see you request in a timely manner - make sure you give the feedback via one of the apps,  or contact Support.

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