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Scannable File Size Limitations?

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Does anyone have any idea if scannable crashes after scanning in a large amount of pages? Right now I'm scanning a 200 ish page document but man afraid to get too far along and have it crash. Happy to divide up, just would like an idea of any limitations.


Knowing the dpi would also be helpful

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Scannable is an independent app, and it runs on resources provided by the smartphone or tablet.

There will be limits, mainly from how much memory and computing power the device can share. I doubt it is a limit set by the app, it will likely be a limit resulting from the device running out of resources.

Beside this, a 200 pager is a lot for most scanning solutions - my ix500 (a business grade scanner) holds a maximum of 50 sheets (which translates into 100 pages in duplex mode) in the sheet feeder.

A smartphone scanner is designed to scan a few pages at a time, I think. If you want larger files, you can use independent apps (both paid and Free) to merge any number of pdf files into a new, combined file. Before reaching page „200 - 1“ and then see everything go down the drain, I would rather build files on the safe side, and then merge them later.

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