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Upgrading from Evernote Personal to Teams

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I am currently a Evernote Premium member and I am doing a trial for Teams. I am really confused about what happens when I upgrade from Evernote Personal to Teams. It appears this would need to be a brand new account with a completely different email address. Questions:

  • I have been using my business email for Evernote Personal, it appears I need to use a different email address?
  • What happens to all of my notes and notebooks in my personal account? Is there a way to move or copy those over to this new account?
  • I don't really want to use 2 accounts, is it possible to just use the new Teams account for everything?

Any resources would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,

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Simple answer: Teams is the wrong plan for you. To make a Teams account work, you need at least 3 Users in the same account. All you have told in your post says that Teams is not what you mean, and not what you likely need.

For you Personal can do, or maybe Professional, which is still a solitary account.

Maybe describe your use cases, and we can give you some hints.

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Teams, by its very definition, is intended for groups that are working together on a continuing basis. Will you have a team to bring along with you? If not, I doubt you will get any benefit. You could get the bulk of the additional functions by moving to Premium.

Assuming that you do I would recommend that you change the Email address on your current Personal plan. Once that's done you are good to go using your business Email for teams. 

Your current notes would remain in your current Personal account. You would want to separate your work related notes and export them into your new Teams account.

Teams subscribers get a Personal account included to hold their Private notes. This is a separate account, not linked to the Teams account. You would have to check with Evernote support whether your existing account could be transferred into the Teams deal. Otherwise you would need export your private notes into the new Personal account.

You shouldn't really be tempted to use Teams for a mixed work and private account. Teams is intended for team working on shared spaces etc.

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I am sorry I gave everyone the impression I was working on my own. I recently hired an assistant and wanted to trial the Teams version to see if would work for her and I to keep track of multiple projects and task that we will work on together. Also, we would use it for a repository for information that must be shared and sometimes updated constantly.

I already have a Premium account, the other option is for me to upgrade to Professional and also pay for a Professional account for her. However, I am not crazy about that because what happens with that information if she ever decided to do something else? Does she keep a copy of those notes? I was thinking that Teams gives me more control and the Spaces functionality in Teams would provide me the foundation to scale up as my business grows.Thoughts?

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The logical limit for Teams is still 3 users: 1 Admin, setting up the structure in which the information access for the 2 others will be controlled. The Admin always has full access, and setting it up for just 1 user makes not much sense.

In such a case I would go for a Professional account for myself, and maybe a Personal for the assistant. I would set up some shared notebooks. When the shares belong to myself, there is no risk an assistant can ultimately damage the information. 

If you want to prepare for a growing business, Teams may be a good solution. But in this case I don’t understand why you want to move all your own information into the teams account. This clearly makes no sense at all. Oh, yes, it is YOUR business, but it is still a BUSINESS. If you want to sell one day, if you take in a partner, if the company go into receivership - you really believe it is a good idea to have your personal life’s archive in that business account ?

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