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Why does it take so long to load?

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I go to the web client, wanting to write that important bit of information down.  But it takes so long to load - 40 seconds perhaps - then inevitably, proudly tells me about all the updates that have been done - before I can write down what I want to.  So should I note it down quickly in OneNote so I don't forget while Evernote is taking ages to load ... or maybe just cancel my subscription all together.  What is going on?

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Hi, and welcome to the forums. I haven't experienced that myself. Even on an ancient machine, Evernote Web loads for me in about 10-15 seconds after I've logged in. If I'm already logged in, it's just there. How often have you experienced this? What browser, device, and operating system are you using? All these things can be factors, along with random network glitches between our computer's and Evernote servers. Thanks if you can add some details.

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… and check your network speed.

Beside this it may play a role if your browser is set not to keep website data, or delete website data when leaving a site. The same effect has the use of a „Private Window“ when browsing - these private sessions don’t allow to keep information in the browser after they are closed.

All this means that EN needs to download everything again and again, every time you open the web client.

If you use it in a browser that is set to keep website data (in general or as an exception for the EN site), the first time it may take a minute or so. It does for me. But from the next time on, it will only refresh the cached data, which speeds up things a lot. For me it takes 10 seconds from hitting login ´til the Home Screen is open.

Don‘t allow to keep website data if the computer is used by more than one user, or if it is a device not belonging to yourself (like a library computer, a work PC or similar).

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