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App constantly interrupting other apps. It opens without any action by user. No matter if I am using Outlook or a browser, Evernote suddenly takes over.

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Hi.  You're posting in the Evernote Legacy / iOS forum - is that correct for the version of Evernote and device that you're using?  If so - there have been no changes to Evernote Legacy - it's no-longer supported   I've not heard of the issues you mention,  but they will not be investigated by Evernote.  Best advice would be to upgrade to Evernote v10 and see whether this issue persists...

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Whatever you use, I can not even theoretically reproduce this behavior.

iOS apps run in sandboxes, each app in its own little memory enclave, isolated from the device and other apps. An app can communicate with other apps when it is running in the foreground by sharing, and can be called by other apps through sharing. That's it.

If you still want to talk to us bunch of ignorants (just other users, trying our best), post your device, iOS version and app version.

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