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Note says "shared" but I didn´t!



Hi guys, 

I´m freaking out a my note says it´s shared. But I don´t remember sharing this note. And when I click "shared", it also does not show who I am suppose to have shared it with, or how to remove it from being shared? 

It only suggests based on previously who to share it with. But not actually who this note is shared with. 

I can´t tell you who much more I expect than such a confusing set-up from from Evernote on this... But appreciate any pointers on this.  

Hanna Aase

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It only says „Share“ (which is an action you can do), not „Shared“ (which is a Status). And the share buttons are white, with a shared note they would be green.

I don’t think this note is shared at all.

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In case you are worried you can search for all notes that are shared by typing


into the search field. it will find notes that are either in shared notebooks or have been individually shared.

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@PinkElephant I think your right about the one I posted, that not shared. But then, when I do the "search" (see attatched), they are all grayed out. Also the once I did share. In other words, I have no idea how to "unshare" or how to tell the difference when shared notes all show up as "gray" here. 

Shared evernote.png

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