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Longtime Evernote Premium user - unable to do anything but enter tasks. Can't find them, list them.

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I have been away from Evernote for many years and came back to find I cannot use the latest tasks feature. This was added not long ago. I can enter a task, but cannot locate that task: everything other tan the text of the task itself in tasks is behind an "Upgrade wall". I suspect this is a "premium" level account issue, but not sure what to do about it. Shouldn't I be able to see and search tasks I enter? Have I been incompletely "upgraded" into the latest version of Evernote?

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With Plus or Premium you are on the same level as Free, when new features are concerned. The grandfathered subscriptions only preserve those features that were already in the package when you subscribed, or when the new level were introduced.

Since you are still on Premium, you have been on a rebated Premium all of the time, never paying the full Premium subscription price. So you still make a cut.

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