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Connecting Evernote to Todoist via IFTTT stopped working properly



Hi community,

This is my first ever post here, and I hope this is the right subsection of the forum.

I had setup an IFTTT applet that would create a task in my Todoist Inbox once triggered by a certain tag added to my Evernote note. This Todoist task would then contain a link back to my Evernote note (https://ift.tt/xxxxx). Well, this has been working great until recently. Now, the automated task and the respective link are still being created in my Todist Inbox. A click on the link, however, takes me to https://bitly.ift.tt/xxxxx and gives me an "oops, somthing went wrong".

I am sure this is me rather than a technical issue; still, any advice/idea would be highly appreciated.


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Start here for example: https://help.ifttt.com/hc/en-us/articles/115010194547-Common-errors-and-troubleshooting-tips

If you think it is an Evernote problem rather than an IFTTT or ToDoist problem, update this post with the reasons why you think that. Include make, model, version of all hardware and software involved. We volunteers will try to help you out.

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Thanks. I think this has been resolved.

I initially thought that Evernote was not able to resolve the URL correctly, when the issue was actually with IFTTT. I removed the auto-shortening of URLs that was introduced by IFTT once I noted that Evernote shared the correct public link to my note. I am working with the full URLs now.


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