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Better conflict protection



I keep a daily diary which I update from either my iPhone, iPad or one of two Macs. I frequently find a conflict, which I have to correct manually (via cut and paste of each note to a file and using a diff application). I tried to improve this by moving from a yearly to a monthly (thus smaller) note, but to no avail.

I understand how and why conflicts occur, and try to help by waiting for all update to be applied before typing, but I get one every few days. It seems to me that you could an an option to either manually, or automatically, detect notes with a lot of edit activity from multiple devices and add a switch that does not allow me to edit it until all the the updates have been applied.



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Since these forums are primarily user to user you might find it better to open a ticket to submit suggestions.

The sync processes are under development so things might well improve in the coming months. Meanwhile the best thing is avoid having the same now open on multiple applications.


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