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Why is Mac version not updating on two Mac laptops?

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Hi all, I Just discovered this tonight. I have two MacBook Pro laptops, on the latest 12.5 Monterey OS. Yet, they had two different versions of Evernote, both old, both not updating to the current version - it says in both cases "you are on the latest version". Here is where they were:

Mac (Intel) - 7.14 (old!)

Mac (ARM/Apple) - 10.40.9

I uninstalled with App Cleaner and installed 10.41.5 on both. I have a paid subscription to Evernote,

Why do you think they would not update?

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18 minutes ago, Don0819 said:

Why do you think they would not update?

Because if over 250M Evernote users (or whatever smaller number are Monterey users) all downloaded the package in the same 24 hours,  the internet might burn down.  The company stage updates over a couple of weeks to try to avoid that.  Anyone who wishes to jump the update queue is welcome to do as you did and download the new version from the company.

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Also the v7.14 version had been deprecated. No more updates. The only way forward was a manual update to the latest v10.41.4 which was only released yesterday.

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12 hours ago, Don0819 said:

not sure why it did not update before it was deprecated though.

The move from v7 to v10 was super rocky for many and there have been many, many complaints. I'm guessing it's probably the biggest change in Evernote's existence. If EN were to have automatically upgraded everyone to v10 they would have had many more people jump ship. Instead, even almost 2 years after the v10 release people can still use the v7 or Legacy versions. There are several major features that existed in v7/Legacy that don't (and probably never will) exist in v10.

Due to the fact that you were using two different versions clear until now (without maybe realizing) seems to indicate that it wasn't a rocky difference for you.

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