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Trying to reach Support logs me out of the EVN account

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I press on my account / and then on this button:


I then get redirected to this page:



This, after trying 5 times to reach support via different menu and would get logged out each time... I am on a PERSONAL plan.

I had a severe technical error tonight where a note was overwritten by a sync from another device because the main device didn't sync for a whole day.... despite the fact it had the setting set to sync the said note every 5 minutes. And I lost all of the changes I made today in that note. This is not good.


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3 hours ago, hype23 said:

it had the setting set to sync the said note every 5 minutes.

Which app version are you using?  I wasn't aware that option existed in v10.

Support is via https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new

If you are a subscriber you should have access to Note History - you'll be able to step the altered note back to a previously synced version if one exists... 

Use note history to view older versions of a note

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