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Why does Google Drive integration needs permission to delete my files?

Daniel Serodio


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This is a standard access box Google presents to you. It is defined by Google what access is necessary - which in this case is full G Drive access. You allow one account owned by you to access another account owned by you. Maybe your left brain is not trusting what your right brain does, but still everything plays inside of your own little account empire.

Allow it to make it work, or skip it, and go without.

To discuss what access is needed you should talk to Google. EN has no influence about what Google asks you in that dialogue.

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This means "read only" - not enough. And about what are you scared: Giving one account owned by you access to another account owned by you ?!

Your options are clear: Allow and use it, disallow and don't use it.

Fortunately I don't have this problem - I never give data to Google where I can avoid it. There is evidence enough that this is your real privacy problem when using Google Drive (... fill in any other service starting with the word "Google"). You don't seem to worry, however ?

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