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Copy to for multiple notes

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I have a set of Bullet Journals I created for various projects I have under way.
Each journal is a separate notebook.
Each journal has 12 months with one note per month per notebook.

I want to create new years for each journal.
I can only copy 1 note to a new notebook at a time.

When I select more than 1 note to copy to another notebook, I can only have access to the "move to" option and no ability to copy more than one note at a time.

I have many notebooks and it would like to duplicate the 12 monthly notes at one time.

is this a feature that is possible to add?

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Hi.   I don't understand how these are arranged in Evernote terms.  You say each journal is a notebook with 12 notes?  If so it should be easy to export each of the 'Journal' notebooks to separate ENEX files from within Evernote,  then re-import them as many times as necessary to separate notebooks to re-create the full 'journal' setup. 

You could also look into Templates to see whether new notes could offer the option of an appropriate 'template' for the journal required.

Import notes and notebooks

Use templates

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