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Note conflicts happening for the last several months

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When I update a note on my iPhone and then return to my Laptop later, the note is never saved. So I constantly see note conflicts which means a duplicate note is created. This is beyond frustrating and I have found nothing in the forums to help. Can anyone advise what is happening here?

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Hi.  When you update a note on your iPhone,  you're just changing the information on that device.  The 'phone needs to sync that to the server,  and your laptop needs to sync to pick up the latest version before you can see the changes.  Are you allowing enough time for both devices to sync?

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Yes I do allow time for the sync. Each time I update a note on my phone, when I come home later and open my laptop, and open Evernote, the note shows a conflict. Is there nobody at Evernote to address this? Is there another way to troubleshoot this issue? One person responding on the General Discussion forum in five days is pathetic.

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