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Timed Log Entries into notes



I use Evernote as a Log, registering the time I did something.  Along with bullets, numbers and check boxes, I would like to see the ability to just click and the time in automatically entered at the beginning of an entry in a note.

I wonder if anyone else has desired this feature.

It would probably be complicated to implement, and only available at the highest Evernote usage level.

Here is how I envision it:

6:36  Clipped toenails

7:00  Watched Dog the Bounty Hunter

7:15  :Let cat back inside house as it was scratching at door

7:20  Received message from Spec Ops team that we were "On Alert"

7:30 Entered Spec Ops chopper that landed on street in front of house

7:30  Signing out of personal log.


I'm sure everyone out there would find this feature useful in their own way.

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I use AutoHotKey to drop the date and time in my preferred format with a keyboard shortcut. Of course there are the standard keyboard shortcuts in Evernote for time and date. Personally I find a keyboard shortcut far quicker than a menu click with a mouse.

I'm not sure that this suggestion will have any traction but you can suggest it direct to Everybody via a support ticket.

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