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How do you use "Switch to" (Ctrl+Q) in Edit menu

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Just noticed that there was a "switch to" command in the Edit menu on EN for windows web version.  I tried looking through EN help pages to understand how to use this but could not find anything about it.  Can anyone shed light on how or when to use this feature?  Thanks,

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Thanks for the tip.  Very useful indeed.  In fact, I just noticed that all the other quick searches remain on the list so you can see the notes you've searched before and even instantly go to them by selecting them.  I was not aware that this was available in v10.

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Thanks, Jon/t, I hadn't figured this out yet either. Very useful (a development from Ctrl+Q in older Evernote versions, which was a more detailed global search). I like that it searches notebook titles as well as note titles.

I find, though, that it's a very basic string search. Typing "inner" brings up a list of note titles that includes "inner life," "beginners," and "dinners." Still very useful, and may reveal forgotten connections.

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Yeah, it is basic search. Not really search as such but I use it like this just for finding notes and notebooks quickly.

It finds tags too!

Anything you do in Switch To won't appear in the recent search list 'cos it's not really proper search.

I hardly use the left sidebar anymore, just use Switch To.

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