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Note history and upgrading?

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Recently had a note we fully lost (it rolled back to an old version somehow?) but wondering if we switch plans to include note history if old notes are already being backed up and just not shown to us OR if it will only work from that point forward. Basically, we want to resurrect the note that rolled back so wondering what the options are given we are only on the Plus plan.

Thanks for any help!

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4 minutes ago, Imanta said:

The answer to this is yes, BUT note the functionality does not work on mobile devices so if you lose something on mobile, it is gone.

Er,  not quite...  The 'parent' copy of all notes is stored on the server and,  regardless of your account type, will be backed up there on a regular basis. Subscribers can access the Note History and see that note at any stage regardless of where and how it was created,  back to its inception. Free users have the option of becoming subscribers to be able to access that history which has been active on their account,  but not accessible without a subscription.

Mobiles occasionally lose content because of connection issues,  but if data does not get to Evernote it cannot be backed up there.

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